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It's my first week at school and what can I say. Yes, I'm already tired :) I just need time to get back into school life. My brains in summer didn't heard anything about math. economic and everything else. So It's a little bit harder to concentrate. But I hope next week will be better.
What else? I'm sick. Yes, again. I'm sneezing all the time. Oh, we have that type of weather where is hot and cold at the same time. I just don't know what to wear so that's why I catch up sneeze so easily. 

This outfit I wore today at school. I also bring jacket with me. This is very simple and comfy outfit. I think top details makes this look more chic. I paired it with one of my favourite necklace. :)

 Made hair do from 4 braids.


What's your opinion?

  1. your hair is so lovely!!

  2. The transition back into school was always my least favourite thing about summer ending! This is a beautiful look!

  3. wonderful shoes, hair, top :)))

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  4. lovely outfit¡¡¡ amazing hairstyle¡¡ wow¡¡ love it¡¡ xoxo

  5. Such a lovely hairdo! And I love the simple and chic look with the little details like the shoulders and necklace!

  6. I absolutely love your necklace! And the blouse is really chic!


Thanks for the comments. :)