(with Laura)

Haha, again I post photos from Ball. But you know this year is almost over so we must celebrate the end of it. :D So there is pictures from "JJD Ball". It's teenagers organization in my town, where I participate. I already told you before about this organization. Finally I received these pictures ,so I can show you them. Enjoy.

P.S. I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my blog posts and thanks for following to my blog. It means a lot to me. 

 (with Elmīra and Evija)
 ( All JJD collective)
 (with Laura) We wore kinda similar dresses :D
 (with Līga and Laura)
 (With Linda and Laura)
 Girls power :D

Have a nice day! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. nice photos and greaaat outfits!!! maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :) Greetings

  2. Great pics and your sparkling dress is so nice, Have a nice weekend.

  3. meitenei elmīrai ļooooti skaista kleita :))

  4. Lovely sparkling dress on you! Very cute! You and the others look really chic and festive! :)

  5. Very nice sparkly dresses!!


  6. Your blog is so cute and it's funny because your blog name is the invisible butterfly and my blog is fraish butterfly :p and you are 16 years old and me too ^^

    kiss kiss from Switzerland :*

    1. Thank you. hah, that's surprising that our blog names are similar :D

  7. you looks gorgeous with that petite dress :)
    and looks you really have fun time
    merry belated christmas

  8. Gorgeous dress and you look beautiful in it :)

  9. great pictures, love the black dresses! should we follow each other?

  10. You had grate fun :p

    Hey... Your blog is awesome. I'm your new follower.. You can follow my blog, if you want..
    Happy new Year, my dear. :p

  11. Hi Anete!
    I check out your blog sometime because from the first time I have seen that, it looked quite interesting. It was a really long time ago I checked it last time. I have some suggestions for your blogging and I hope you are open to hear that because for my opinion critique is the best way to grow up at different life things

    Blogging- that's not simply some photos taken very quickly because don't have time and ideas. It is talent! You must care about you followers, you should more write and told about your day, about the measures that you are visiting. So- longer texts with small and interestinf parts of the day. I am saying that because your lasts posts texts are so similar and it is boring to read this (maybe not for all, this is my opinion as i said)

    next one- photos! I know you are really creative person but you are not using it at all. I have never been in Latvia or your house but I think you could take more different photos with your outfits ot just simply with you. Try to photoshop your photos, try something new! Something new for New Year :)

    Followers love you so try to love your followers too. If you consider with my suggestions, I think your blog will be perfect. I hope I didn't offend you :)

    Enjoy winter, enjoy holidays and Happy New Year! <3 Take everything what that gives to you. Make resolutions and don't forget creativity for next year too. Hope 2013 will be so much better than this one.

    best wishes

    1. Wow, thanks for your opinion and thoughts. You really inspired me with this comment. :)
      I wish you too, to enjoy your holidays and Happy New Year.

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Thanks for the comments. :)