School stuffs

 I start school on 2nd September. I like to buy stuffs for school and in this post I wanted to share with you items which I take with me, when I go to school. 
So in the 1st photo you see all my notebooks for this year. In my school, we don't use binders. So we always have pretty huge amount with notes. 
 Don't watch at fabric piece which is in my pencil case :D I put it in there to hold my pencil case open :D and as you can see, I failed :D
Basically, you can see what I bring every day to school. My essentials are, definitely, 

  • calculator
  • pens
  • colorful markers etc.

I call this small Avon pouch- "Things for girls". It's very handy, because when I change my bags, I just throw in it and I don't need to put all these things in bag's pockets. You may wonder, how all things fits in this small purse...well, make-up brush and blush comes in "set" but I carry them apart.
So, let''s see what's in here:

  • lip balm
  • small perfume
  • absorbent paper
  • small foundation
  • in blue Hello kitty thing I carry, my fav hair product to escape from frizzy hair :D
  • bobby pins, hair elastics
  • purse holder
  • things for girls (you know what I meant)
  • pocket mirror
  • tablets ( for allergy, headache etc.)
Latviešu lasītāji atvainojos,ka šoreiz posts tikai angļu valodā. ;'/
Man jautājums tieši jums- Vai man ir jēga rakstīt latviešu valodā, jo bloga skatījumu top4 aizņem citas valstis un Latvija ir tikai 5 vietā :(

What's your opinion?

  1. awwww i miss high school !!
    maybe you would like to follow each other?

  2. Tavu blogu lasu latviešu valodā, jo, atvainojos, bet, lasot angliski, man paliek sāpīgi redzot tik daudz pielaistās kļūdas. It kā jau sīkumainas, bet nu nevaru. no offence. Tā jau interesanti palasīt un liels bija mans prieks, kad sāki arī latviski rakstīt. ;)

    1. Paldies par komentāru, jā mana "labā" angļu valoda ir spēcīgs arguments,lai turpinātu rakstīt latviešu valodā. :D

  3. man arī labāk patīk,ja raksti latviski. tomēr dzīvo Latvijā un tā,bet arī nav nekādu problēmu lasīt angliski,jo visu saprotu.
    bet tomēr - Latvijā tā jau ir maz blogeru un īpašāk jau,ja raksta valsts valodā. :D :) tikai mans viedoklis.


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