Winter essentials

For me lip balm is very important in the winter time. I use it every hour :D
So my favorite are from:

  • Oriflame with blueberries (adorable scent)
  • AVON "Planet Spa" lip butter (thick consistence which is perfect for very dry lips. I also use it when my elbows are very dry)
  • "Dzintars" lip balm with cherries. ( amazing scent and I like it because it gives my lips shine)

Body lotion, currently I use body cream from Isana which smells like heaven. Seriously,it smells so tasty that I want to try to eat it :D
My face gets dry very easily, so I also use face oil, this one is from AVON with lavender scent.
Face cream is from AVON, It's very cheap because I'm not face cream person, so for now, I don't care about my face cream :D
To get off from my face all dead skin, once a week I use gentle face scrub which is also from AVON. It smells very good and consistence of this product is very creamy- perfect for sensitive skin.
In winter time I use more heat for my hair than in Summer, so my hair gets dry. What I do:

  • I put extra virgin olive oil in my hair, wrap my hair in towel and wait about 20-30 min
  • I wash the oil out and leave in hair conditioner 
  • After that, I use hair serum with Moroccan oil and let it dry naturally.
After I do all these steps my hair is very soft and also looks healthier and shinier.

What's your opinion?

  1. Agreed! I always love a hand cream for the winter :)

  2. I loved your blog
    Great post
    I also use the Moroccan oil from AVON and I love it

    Please visit:


Thanks for the comments. :)