Clutch, black crop top ( DIY project- I wrote "celfie" by myself), H&M pants- sorry look a little bit messy in this photo)
 I don't know how to describe this clothing piece. It looks like a short version of kimono. :D
 Also bought some beauty essentials which are must haves for me
AVON:mascara, shine spray fro my hair, body spray and blue nailpolish. Oriflame cream (smells heavenly!)
 Looove this shade "on point blue"
 Also bought romper for the Summer season
And shoes from Maria Mare.

What's your opinion?

  1. That kimono looks amazing!! also love that romper <3
    nice picks <3

  2. lovely beauty products !!!
    btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch

  3. I love the kimono <3!


Thanks for the comments. :)