Talked a little bit :D

 Love her so much :)

 my besties :) Nikita, Līga, Den, me
 with Vita
 My boyfriend got me gold heart chain, you can see it in first 2 photos (not actually see,but you understood :D )

 With my mum,love her :)
 With my sister Madara

with my grandma laughing


These are photos from my graduation and afterparty. As I said before, I spent great time with my relatives and friends.  We celebrated till next day's 7am, I was exhausted but happy :)

I kept my outfit simple, because I didn't wanted to overdo with my hair or make up. I think I looked nice.

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Thanks before <3


What's your opinion?

  1. congratulations on the release. Subscribed to your blog.

    greetings from Ukraine:)

  2. Congratulations, very nice photos :)

  3. Apsveicu! Tik priekpilnas un laimīgas bildes :)

  4. Izskaties burvīgi - kleita super, ļoti patīk krāsa!!!

  5. congrats hun. you looked gorgeous. and you got so many flowers.x

  6. graduation looks much different over there in Latvia, you'll look gorgeous.

    In America, the typical outfit for graduation (college or high school) is what they call a cap and gown. They can be any color (that the school itself picks) but they look kinda like what a judge would wear with a funny hat.

  7. Stylish blog and you are a very pretty girl :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am already following you so please follow me back. Thank you so much :) Have a nice day!

  8. Tu izskatījies lieliski! Apsveicu ar skolas beigšanu! :))


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