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Finally, warm days are over and Fall season has come. Actually, I really love that leaves fall down from the trees and the air is a little bit freezing. Fall is my favorite season, I love the fashion- all the dark shades (olive green; burgundy, dark violet etc.). I just adore that colors.  :)

I really enjoyed to take a photos in this beautiful evening. I wore my black&white blouse from H&M and paired them with my most comfortable shoes. :)


What's your opinion?

  1. naszyjnik i torebka to cudo. skąd jeśli moge wiedzieć?:)

  2. Love your top n I have the same sunnies :)

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  3. Loving the black n white look, doll.

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    Happy week
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  4. Your so beautiful, love this stripes outfit, very nice! xo

  5. Beautiful and amazing look, but I love the pulse clock and the flats.


  6. beautiful!!! in love with your header :)

  7. Great pics , love the shirt!

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    Emily from PTT

  8. Great outfit ! So fab & classic :) You look beautiful !! :)
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  9. you look very great sweety, like your blouse ;-)
    xoxo sandicious

  10. Melnbaltie outfit ir mani mīļākie! Vienmēr tik skaisti un klasiski izskatās! :)
    Man ļoti patīk Tava blūzīte!

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Thanks for the comments. :)