“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa

(shirt- Dressve; skirt- H&M;necklace-Primark;watch-Ebay;shoes-Pēda)


Did you noticed this bright yellow shirt with word "lemon" on it? Oh, I absolutely adore it. I think this color suits to my hair color. :)
I wanted to say thanks for this top to online store called Dressve. They offer a lot of great clothes for women. So check them out :)
What can I say. A lot of interesting things happens in my life every day. In University I do very creative things, I learn how to draw on computer programs, at first I thought that it is sooo hard but now I enjoy it. Also I need  to draw,a lot. I actually like it,too :D 
  On this week-end  I need to work again. We will celebrate Halloween so I'm super excited about that.
As you may notice I bought a new phone so now I make a lot of photos and of course selfies. "Photobomb" posts coming soon :D I sometimes ask to my friends what do you enjoy read to my blog? They answer- photobombs, because I can see what you are doing. :D So friends :D stay tuned for that :D


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  1. Love that bright yellow n blue combo..so chic!

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  2. That yellow top is really cool! :) I am excited for Halloween too. Hope you have a good one.
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  3. Great look!) Beautiful pics) http://www.elationofcreation.com

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Sure- let me know where you follow and I will follow back. :) BTW- how did you come up with the name of your blog?

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