October favorites!


It is time to post my monthly favorites. I will share you products and some random stuffs which I used every day in October.

EOS  lip balm mint - I think every girl have this lip balm,so I decided I want it too. I heard very good feedbacks. I ordered this one from ebay. I can say, it smells and tastes amazing, also moisturizes very well. So far, I love it. :)

AVON "divine wine"- just perfect red shade for girl with blond hair :D

Oriflame lipSpa therapy lip balm "natural pink"- tastes like peach gives very natural pink shade to my lips. Love this product. Perfect for everyday use.

Organic Therapy face toner- It's made from natural ingredients, with very sweet scent. At first I didn't like but now it's ok. I use it at the morning to refresh my face.  It moisturizes my skin.

Inecto Coconut conditioner- Perfect product. Smells amazing, after 2 days I can still feel the scent in my hair. Also makes hair very silky and shiny.

MEXX woman perfume- Strong scent, love it. Also I like the packaging, simple and handy.

DOVE deodorant- Neutral scent, Just simple deodorant, I really like it. Better than AVON or Oriflame products.

Oat meals-typical students meal. I ate it every morning and I love them. Just nothing more to say. :D

Tangerine- reminds me of Christmas , I can eat them all day :D


What's your opinion?

  1. Love everything !!!

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  2. Mandarīni, mandarīni!! Runājot par EOS, neesmu dzirdējusi nevienu labu atsauksmi par ebay pirktajiem, jā, tie ir lētāki, bet nav pat puse no oriģinālo efektivitātes. Tici man, paņem oriģinālo (vai uzdāvini sev Ziemassvētkos), nenožēlosi un kalpos daudz ilgāk. ;)



Thanks for the comments. :)