DIY- Graphic T-shirt

I will show you how to make this T-shirt, it's easy,just follow these steps:

1-You will need fabric paint ( I chose bronze shade), tape,scissors, brush, T-Shirt and ,of course printed sentence which you want to paint on your shirt. I chose- No image available.

2-Cut all the letters, it took a time to cut them all out,but be patient. 

3-Also with tape, make a square on the shirt.That big will be your drawing.

4-Put the letter on the shirt, it would be better if you glue them with tape ( I did it with some letters,not all)

5-Start to paint the shirt,be careful,you don't want to paint under the black letters!

6-When you finished painting,let it dry for about 5 hours

7-Than remove letters,you can also correct some imperfections with paint

8-Last step- put some fabric on to the shirt and iron it about 5-10 minutes

 I really like the result!


What's your opinion?

  1. wowow!! such a wonderful idea!! great tip girl!! amazing result!! kisses!

  2. Tagad es zinu kas man veidos stilīgus krekliņus

  3. Wow, super sanāca - nopirku auduma flomasterus lai uz t-krekla kaut ko uzrakstītu, bet šobrīd nav īsti iedvesma - taču šo veidu ar krāsu arī gribētos pamēģināt, ļoti ļoti patīk!!:)


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Thanks for the comments. :)