With my sister at New Year's eve,also it was my birthday\selfie

Hi,folks! :)

I just wanted to show you my daily life in photos. 
What I've been doing...well, I turned 19 on 31. December. I study all the time for exams,draw, work,spend time with my friends and family. It's winter time,so I eat a lot :D

  • breakfast meal\drawing\ selfie ( I cut my hair like this about 2 months ago,I loove the result)\Martini time

  • my favorite magazine- Veto\editing some photos\ University-drawing\pancakes 

  • Few months ago was at event called "Nessevi" (bring yourself),there was my photos and interview. you can read it here\ tea time at Japanese restaurant\ cake,yummy

  • selfie\ studying art history

  • smashed avocado breads\ selfie\ cake and reading magazine\ Christmas tree (I miss Christmas time :(...)

  • Was at carnival themed Christmas ball with my friend Liga,we had loads of fun,crazy night\selfie

  • Got these headphones as a Christmas gift, listening to music every day,gorgeous quality!\drew a lion\ early morning and Minka\ Christmas eve ootd

  • foooooood\ draw some sketches-abstract painting

  • went for a walk near to the castle\ working for University

  • selfie ( It was rainy day and my hair was completely wet)\selfie\ sister got me this book where I need to challenge myself and do a lot of creative stuffs,for example,  draw smth when I'm in shaky train or bus etc.

What's your opinion?

  1. Great photos dear!

    Pearls & Roses

  2. Lauvas zīmējums fantastisks! :)

  3. Wonderful pics and compliments for the interview!

    My last post: Lucky red

    Shopping Girls

  4. Cool pics x

  5. What a nice day to celebrate birthday =). I wish you all the best!!!
    Michael / facebook

  6. Amazing pics and I can see that your sister is your sister :D
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  7. You look great Dear!!:)
    Of course I follow You on GFC and I hope You follow back:)

  8. Nice pics. xa

  9. Beautiful sisters.

    Thanks for the suggestion Hun, of course we can totally keep up with each other's updates. Let me know once you are following on gfc , twitter and I will fllw right back.
    Have a nice day!
    Riv x

  10. Great post !!!

  11. Amazing photos, happy 19th b-day to you :)

  12. Tavi darbi ir super! Nemaz nezināju, ka nodarbojies ar mākslu :) Un melnbaltais selfijs piektajā bildē - merilina monro!

  13. Hey sweety! I've followed you with GFC hope you'll follow back <3


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