“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ― Dr. Seuss

{coat-Zara;scarf-gift;jeans-Estella;boots-Danija;bag- Akcentam;rings-Avon;bracellet-H&M)

location- Variešas
photos by my sister

These pictures we took on week-end when we went to the country side. It was cold winter day and luckily I wore my wool scarf which I received as a Christmas gift from my mum,thank you! :)
Also I'm in love with this dark blue coat,I wear it almost every day,it's so basic that suits to everything and for me that's perfect.

All this week I was at home and I didn't went to University. I had some personal problems in my family so I wasn't able to study,take pictures for blog etc. But now everything is fine...

I really don't like bleak winter days when it's cloudy and snowy outside. I feel tired and unmotivated. Oh,gosh,you can't imagine how I want Spring to come faster. Yes,winter is very beautiful season,all the snowy scenery's and winter sports,I like it but I hate cold weather. When it's cold outside all I want to do is to sleep and eat :D That's all, so as you may tell from all my "winter,I hate you" story, right now I'm lazy,unmotivated and empty (the level of creativity is very low). 
Also talking about fashion, all I wore is winter jumpers and jeans,it's impossible to wear skirts,dresses or blouses,I would freeze in 10sec :D 
Overall,I just wanted to say that I'm warm weather lover and I don't like Winter season. 
Am I the only one,who hates cold weather?

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What's your opinion?

  1. You look so cute! You're amazing :)

  2. Such a beautiful pics! I love de snow ;) and you look so pretty!

  3. Sooo pretty! I love your rings, soo cute :)

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  4. beautiful look .
    amazing post.

  5. Lielisks outfits! Un Tu neesi vienīgā, kam riebjas ziema - es neieredzu (maigi izsakoties) ziemu un aukstumu, es esmu tikai un vienīgi par siltu un saulainu laiku! :D


  6. Nice winter look. Love the scarf.

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  7. love these simple looks and loved this one! ♥♥

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