Dresses and sandals from Tidestore.com

long black dress here
white dress with black details here


I'm here with new blogpost. In this time I wanted to introduce you with  online store called Tidestore.com (http://www.tidestore.com/)
It offers different kind of dresses and shoes,too. I wanted to show you some of my favorite things from this website which I would be perfect for me in the Summer time.


As you may know, I love black&white combination in everything especially when we talk about clothes. I picked up two dresses.(www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Dresses-100035/ )
 The shortest one would be perfect for some kind of event,for example, girls night out,birthday party etc. Other would be great choice for everyday wear. 
I really like them both.

mint green wedges here
black&white heels here
black sandals here

Let's talk about how gorgeous look their shoes. It was so hard to pick up just a few. 
I chose these mint green wedges because I love the color and design too,looks very comfortable. 
Guess what, the rest of sandals are black&white,hahh,I really like this color combination.
The high heels are just amazing,great choice for special events (paired with gorgeous dresses I picked up). Other sandals with heels would look great with trousers and white blouse.
You can check them all here- www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Sandals-100277/ 

I hope you liked this post,if you're interested in these items,check them out on their website!

*this post is sponsored by company tidestore.com


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  1. The first dress is really pretty.


  2. I love your selection :*



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