Guess what...I like cats!


I wanted to show you this look so badly, finally, I ended up being lazy and edited these pictures. 
A while ago with my sister,we went for a small road trip,just to drive around lonely roads, we really enjoyed it. We found this road and I thought I could take a photos there. I was wearing my cat printed leggings and also I had my super-high heels with me. I took them,just in case I decided to take a photos somewhere.
The rest of the outfit I kept basic- black jumper and fur vest to keep me warm.

Today I'm proud of myself, I planned my day and did almost everything (except this post, but I will soon stop writing it :D). I drew painting for school and also did useful things for it. I'm really happy about that because previous week I was so lazy and did almost nothing. It's crazy how much I need to do till my final exams, so hopefully I will manage to do everything in time ! :)


What's your opinion?

  1. This has got to be the cutest leggings everrrrr....Ha!! Great outfit - fun, but classy at the same time. :)

  2. Wow, leggings are so funny and cute!

  3. That leggings is so cute! <3

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    Thank you :)

  4. Haha, tie legingi ir tik forši un kičīgi! Tik labi izskatās! :) Kā arī ļoti patīk tas body chain- man liekas, ka it sevišķi forši izskatīsies vasarīgos outfitos! :)

  5. Great post. Real inspiration. I'm always amazed with your posts. Thank you for visiting my blog . Let's keep in touch, pls.

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  7. you look amazing !! and I love your shooes ^^
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  8. beautiful outfit!! And you have such beautiful long hair! Sure we can follow each other. I followed you already :)

  9. awesome leggings

  10. great post! :) love the necklace/body chain! I've been wanting one of those!

  11. Lovely post. Thank you dear for the wonderful comment and visit. I follow you alredy, could you follow back on GFC? Keep in touch, pls.


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