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Yes,again, I want to introduce you with online wholesaler . This online shop offers not only wedding dresses and clothes but also a lot of accessories, shoes and jewelry. 

As usual, I chose some of my favorite items which I would love to get. I was really interested in their cheap sweater dresses (here)

I chose 3 of them and created collage-


I like the 1st one it's a cheap sweater (here) which matches with everything. I would love to get smth like this. Perfect wardrobe essential.

2nd one is basic but still cute, I like the color and details in both sides.

Last one I chose because as you may notice,I love black&white colors combinations. I would wear this very often.

Lastly I chose to show you some Lace Sheat Dress (here) and Long Sleeve Sheath Dress (here). All the dresses looks gorgeous.


Funny story,but I chose all the dresses in black color, I just love black color,it's my happy mood shade :D
The 1st one is classic little black dress with lovely details. You can check this lace dress online (here) if you want. Just click on the number 1.

The 2nd one is my favorite. I love the fact that this dress is divided into 2 parts. Also I like that ''skirts'' isn't very short.

The last one is again, classic little black dress model. I love it,also I think this dress would look fantastic in white color with white lace details.

Which one is your favorite?


What's your opinion?

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  2. love the floppy hat.

  3. Lovely photos) They make me feel real summer warmth ^^

  4. Love every item!

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  5. Should I wear a shirt, long sleeve or sweater tomorrow?
    cheap sweater dresses


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