Leather shirt (with Onecklace)

hi, there!

I'm here to show you my new obsession - nude shades. I love how minimalistic and put together outfit looks when I add nude shade item. This time my choice is this leather-look shirt which I absolutely adore and my newest purchase - bag. You can guess, I adore it too. :)) 

Lately I prefer more minimalistic and neutral jewelry. I used to love long, bold earrings, big brooches and statement rings. Now I love to wear just  a small and good quality necklace, earrings and I'm good to go. 

As you can tell, I already have gorgeous necklace from Onecklace and now I added to my collection Initial Drop earrings. Oh, aren't they heavenly?

I pair necklace and earring together and this is my everyday go-to look. 
What I love about Onecklace jewelry. It's very good quality, jewelry lasts for a very long time and doesn't loose color. 

What's your opinion?

Thanks for the comments. :)