When a thing is done, it's done. Don't look back. Look forward to your next objective. George C. Marshall

 Hi, blog!
A lot of thing happened with me these few days. I run 1st at school cross and tomorrow I need to run again with my city and nearest city concurrence. I'm a little bit worried but I think It will be fine. 
Today I got two marks. Both were 10\10 in Culturologie so I'm in good mood. Also I need to learn for my Economic test. So I'm busy today, too .
Anyway, today I wore this outfit. I think I just can live with these pants on. They're so comfortable and I love the color. I paired it with my "Alice in Wonderland" T-shirt from stilago.lv and my black blazer which I absolutely love.
When these pictures were token it was very early morning so I looked a little bit tired.

Also I wanted to share with you guys my favourite band at this month Click here. I just love almost all songs. They're so calm and peacefully. Perfect for me.
What type of music do you listen?

What's your opinion?

  1. Nice look! amazing outfit!


  2. you are so so beautiful *.*
    love your outfit :)


  3. I love the color of these pants too :) but the most of all I love your boots, these tassels! ♥

  4. Good luck on your run and awesome job on the marks. It must feel pretty good getting good scores =)


  5. you look great, love the shoes!!


  6. Love your shirt :)) xoxo



Thanks for the comments. :)