March favorites.

Recently I paint my nails in red shades. These one are my fav. Also I like to paint one fingernail in gold shade. 
 I discovered this Pantene hairspray and then I decided to try hair mousse, too. I really like them. The smell is lovely.

 2 lovely creams with gorgeous smell. I really like AVON with honey, it moisturize my skin very well.
 My favourite perfume- Herve Leger. I like the smell is very strong, perfect for my perfume taste.
 Just lovely products. Solutions face cream gives my face a little bit tan.
 AVON powder for face.
 My most worn jewelry pieces. The snake ring is starting to get red, because I wore it almost every day.
 My all time favourite foundation

Fav song in this month

What's your opinion?

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