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(cardigan- Monton;black dress-2nd hand, leather leggings-H&M;bag-2nd hand, necklace-vintage, watch-Ebay; headband-PunkyFish,


Quick post with my latest outfit look. The weather was windy so my face looks red and my eyes were tearing :D
I really like this cardigan with gold chains, it is very soft and warm. Of course I toke coat with me because without it, I would freeze in 2 sec :D


"Fiksais" outfitposts. Laikapstākļi nebija īpaši labvēlīgi. Man no vēja bija sarkana seja un asaroja acis :D 
Man ļoti patīk šī jaciņa ar zelta ķēdēm, ļoti silta un mīksta. Protams, es pa virsu vilku mēteli,jo bez tā būtu nosalusi 2 sekundēs :D

What's your opinion?

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  2. Love the all black outfit! It's so classic and modern at the same time!

  3. All black with gold! Love it!!! XO

  4. I really like the headband! its looks good on you.

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  5. You look pretty!

    Best Wishes Kristina from KD Secret

  6. Very stylish. Love your hair and the pics! Just followed you on Bloglovin and G+. Hope you follow back.

  7. Amazing look and your hairstyle is so pretty!
    I follow you. Follow back?

  8. Nice Blog

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin, G+ and GFC?

  9. I love your outfit! And your hair... gorgeous :)

    P.S. What do you think about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? I'd totally love it! :) Let me know x

  10. Ah, it must be so freezing! Though, I do miss the cold weather, I do not miss the freezing cold wind. Loving this all-black outfit! xx

  11. Wow, amazing look. I love that bag!! You look so gorgeous! Xo

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