Decorating my room, looks a little bit "vintagy"
 Loving Nutella <3
 Bad quality photo, but when I look at it, I always laugh because it looks like he is thinking- Hey, girl, come to me! :D
 Celebrating my 18. birthday (back into the December)
 Lunch break at school, searching new trainers fro sport and drawing a skull
 Roses from my birthday
 with teenagers organisation at Christmas ball ( I designed this photo booth)
 Sport lesson, having fun :D

 Hot tea with cranberries and ginger.

 selfies :D of course
 Me about 2-3 years ago

my boyfriend <3

What's your opinion?

  1. love the cat!! hahaahh it looks like he's a boss!! :D :D

  2. Such pretty pictures!

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  3. These are some pretty pictures! The nutella looks delicious!

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  4. great pics!
    love how you decorated your room

  5. really nice pictures!! :)
    of course we can follow and support eacothers!
    im following you now :3
    waiting for you

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