To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill

 I look angry,I know :D


I look at this outfit and I can't imagine that I am wearing it in Summer. So far, Summer is so rainy and the weather is disgusting. I live in my leather jacket and sneakers. For example, this outfit is my go-to Fall look,not Summer :D
So I still want to go outside, even every day is raining.I wore my leather boots and favorite shirt from Crop town.

Today I got all my exams results,they are not so bad, so I'm happy about that. I finally,thought what I want to study in university-smth related with design. I even found were I can study that! I'm proud of myself :D ( I mean, that to realise were I want to study,was very hard for me :D )


What's your opinion?

  1. Nice. Have a great day.

  2. Glad to hear that you have found where you want to study. Here in Germany it has been very rainy lately too. Great look! Keep in touch!


  3. Pirms izlasīju aprakstu, ieraugot smukos zābaciņus, iedomājos ka lielisks rudens outfits :D Esmu pārliecināta ka nedēļas beigās beidzot varēs visas rudenīgās drēbes nobāzt dziļāk skapī!:)

  4. nice outfit! love the leopard scarf, the leather jacket and the backpack!
    like your nail art :D

    Stoer en Sexy

  5. Thats a great outfit, even if you shoild be wearing a summer outfit.

    Lu |
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  6. cool outfit! loving the leather jacket and your scarf, so cute!

    check out my latest outfit and let me know what you think :)

  7. its so hot here in where i stay. i miss winter after going through your blogpost.
    love the look.

    love from nepal

  8. Love how you've style this look! From the scarf to the pretty nails, very cool. Congrats on figuring out where to study, I am still making up my mind on my next step after earning my B.A. degree. Sooooooo hard!


  9. Love this outfit! Thanks for the comment on our blog. We have followed you on gfc. bloglovin, twitter and instagram :)
    Ellie xx

  10. Lovely look! X


Thanks for the comments. :)