went for a walk
during the training
my ootd when the weather was very hot (oh,I miss Summertime ;\)

with my boyfriend ate "healthy lunch" :D
back in July in Palanga
after I run 8km
drew a poppy

lunch,this time- healthy :D
watched a football game
lovely rainbow at the background
won in competition earrings (thanks, Shape)

 breakfast with my fav magazine
rode a bike back in July
essentials for school (say hi to Fricis)
coloured mandalas
dessert and drawing
back in July met Elmira at party 

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What's your opinion?

  1. Love the pics and to take a little look in your week :)
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. Tu esi tads malacitis, tik citigi spoto. Lai veicas un lai veicas ari zimesana!!! Skaisti darbini. Apsveicu ar uzvaru konkursa! Lai briniskiga nedela!

    xoxo Ra

  3. Amazing pics! Congrats on the running, I should get back running too because it's a great sport.

    Keep in touch
    x isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

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  5. Nesen atsāku skriet un godīgi sakot jūtos baigi tizla! :D Kādreiz varēju skriet bez problēmām, bet tagad pat 2km sagādā grūtības, tāpēc redzot Tavus 8km, bija wow! :)
    Skaisti zīmējumi!


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