Snapshots #4


I think snapshots for lazy Sunday's post is just great idea. I always enjoy to see other bloggers posts where they show random photos from their lives. It's very interesting. So,in this Sunday I'm showing you some photos I gathered in April and March. Enjoy :)

beautiful sunset

tulips,oh,I just love Spring flowers!

with my cousin Linda,we made very tasty water, I loove it!

this post can't be good without any photo of Fricis,so here he is :)

cousin's cat Pūka

I like this photo because Arta (dog) looks so cute. Also If you noticed I dyed my hair in one shade lighter. I really like the result.

Beautiful Arta

such a cutie pie :) <3

lazy outfit at the country-side

Here you can meet official blog photographer,haha, with my sister Madara,she takes all my outfit photos! :)

loving my watch 

when I was bored, played around with photoshop. Oh,dreaming about real tattoo...

 and of course Minka <3

and in these collages are some snapshots from my phone:

my new hair color
at the country-side, with sister,we really liked that pink wall
In Daugavpils went for a walk,so beautiful
Drawing with white pencil

did some workout
met my friend Elmira and we ordered very tasty ice-cream cocktails
again beautiful Daugavpils- Mark Rothko center

doing works for University
at the work
found an old photo,it's interesting how my blog looked almost a year ago,so different! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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  1. Nice pictures :)


  2. Beautiful photos!

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    You look wonderful, I love it. great photos

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