It's not that easy to be a fashion blogger


I wanted to create  unusual blogpost. I think it's interesting when you can see different type of posts on my blog. So, I decided to tell you about some issues which I sometimes have as a fashion blogger. (don't get me wrong, I don't think that I'm very fancy and cool blogger,I'm just a girl with a passion in fashion).
Some of the people think that to create a blogpost is very easy. I don't say that's difficult but sometimes I have problems and I wanted to share them with you. 
I hope this will be fun and interesting post to read. To make it even more funny, I put pictures from behind the scenes photos.

Bad weather-
  • Sometimes I plan perfect outfit, decide were I want to take a photos and than suddenly it starts to rain or gets very cloudy and dark. 
  • When it's windy outside,my hair always flies everywhere and I can't keep them in place,also lightweight clothes,skirts etc.
  • During the photoshoots sun suddenly come and I can't keep my eyes open and everything is so bright, haha,that's a big problem for a fashion blogger when the weather is inappropriate to take a good photos.

Attention from people

  • I live in small city and when someone takes a photos on the street, in the city, it always pays attention. So 90% when we take a photos someone will stare,whistle or beep or will say something. 
  • One time even one man wanted to join the photoshoot,it was very funny :D

Bad hair&face day
  • I think every girl knows that struggle when the hair looks wrong in all ways. Just can't do anything,they look terrible and that's it :D
  • Also sometimes I look at the mirror and make up or my face looks different ( I think that it is different,my sister says, that I weird,when say it :D ). In those moments I don't want to take a photos.

Full closet but nothing to wear
  •  Sometimes my imagination is sleeping and I don't have any idea what to wear. I think that in my closet lives monster who eats my clothes. :D
  • Very rarely, but I have situations when everything looks wrong, in those moments I think that all the clothes looks bad, that maybe I'm getting fat etc. Eh,girls and their problems,..

Low camera battery\forgot to put SD card
  • Maybe I'm unique or smth and that happens only with me, but I had a situations when I forgot to put into the camera my SD card,in result we weren't able to take a photos. Luckily, I weren't so far away from home,so I went back and took it.
  • Sometimes I forgot to charge my battery or I think that camera will withstand but that doesn't happen :D

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me,bloggers, about your ''bloggers issues''! I would love to know :)


What's your opinion?

  1. I really loved this post ! I totally understand you about the weather ! I mean when it's wind it's awfull !

  2. I have told done a few of these things. Love seeing your blooper.

  3. The struggle is real! :D
    Esmu saskārusies ar pilnīgi visām Tevis aprakstītajām lietām! :D Vienu reizi arī fotoaparātā neieliku SD karti un man nācās aptuveni 30min ar velosipēdu mīties atpakaļ uz mājām un pēc tam atkal atpakaļ uz bildēšanās vietu! Kopš tās reizes vienmēr, VIENMĒR apskatos, vai SD karte ir foto aparātā! :D

    1. Wuhuu,tātad neesmu vienīgā ar savām "bloggerproblēmām".
      Es arī tagad vienmēr apskatos,vai fotoaparātā ir SD karte :D

  4. Love this post! I have those bad hair days sometimes :)


  5. Being a fashion blogger definitely has it's ups and downs. Shooting outside can be tricky. These are great :) x

  6. I totally get you, girl! Most of those things happen to me too... I really enjoyed reading the post. I think bloggers should share this type of posts too, so that the rest of us don't feel like "why does this happen to me?!" ;)

  7. such a great article!! I am the angriest when we go out and then realise we forgot the SD card. ahhhh, that is soo annoying, especially when you drive to a place to take the photos :))

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  8. I totally agree with you!
    I really like your blog!♥
    Are you open to follow each other?:) Let me know

  9. Ahah nice post! :)

  10. I agree with all you said! And my most irritating problem is bad weather, it's been so cloudy and rainy in our province and i can't take photos, so im inside of the house contemplating about my life lol! Love this article btw, keep em coming!

  11. Love all of them;)

  12. really interesting post, I agree with so much that you said!!

  13. great post!
    interesting one <3
    I followed you on instagram, gfc, google plus, bloglovin, lookbook!
    I hope you'll follow back <3

  14. Love this post and you look amazing in all the pictures, thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  15. All of this happens to me too! It is true that being a fashion blogger isn't easy. This was such a fun post. I have followed you with gfc no.1001.

  16. Great outfits :) Wonderful post..Keep In touch dear..


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