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Few days ago I received a package from online store SOUFEEL. They sent me a bracelet and 5 charms. They look so amazing and also all Soufeel products are sterling silver. 
I wanted to show you how I unpacked the jewelry step by step because I wanted to show you that they pack their products so well to avoid any chance to ruin them.

the jewelry came in this box

as you can see box were is jewelry is very well packed
also I got free gift bag,it's so cute! :)

when you open the box, you can see that the bracelet and all the charms are packed in plastic bags separately.

all the sterling silver charms

also I got a small rag to take good care for the jewelry

I love the fact that  these charms connects together,very interesting idea!
you can see them here: 

also I adore this vintage camera charm 

I love all the charms definitely you will see a lot of outfits when I have this bracelet on. Thanks again to SOUFEEL


I wanted to mention that they offer  free shipping on order over $50, 365 days returns.
So check out their site and choose your favorite charms! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Love the bracelet !

  2. they are so nice;)xoxo

  3. Nice choice of charms! I think all bloggers will have this camera soon))

  4. Stunning beads)) I love Soufeel bracelet))
    I love your amazing photos! So sweet <3

  5. nice choices dear!

  6. Great post
    The bracelet looks amazing

    Love Vikee


Thanks for the comments. :)