Can you remember who you were,before the world told you who you should be?


Today I had free day from University .Ok,I took a day off because I felt that all things which happened in my life recently got me to the point where I felt so exhausted in all the meanings. I woke up at 10am it's very late for me but I felt so good. I needed more sleep (last week per night I slept 4-5 hours).  For me today was chill day, I went shopping,tidied my room and s did some homeworks. 

Sometimes I think about people who say that they're bored,they don't have nothing to do and that fact get's them annoyed. How? Please tell me,how it's possible to be bored? I always plan a lot of activities which I need to do or if I have a free day like this, I still will do smth. In my opinion it's important to make yourself entertained not by others but by yourself. Not always other people will make you feel good and will entertain you. 
With all this I just wanted to say that our life is short and to get bored and do nothing is the worst thing which people can do for themselves. Don't waste your time but explore,learn smth new every day. If you don't know what to do, draw, clean up, go for a walk, it's very simple to find activity which you can do..

About this look-
I always was afraid to wear white pants, because I always spill something on my clothes and white clothes wouldn't last a long time for me. But I ignored all that facts and recently got my 1st white pants. I think they're perfect, what do you think?

What's your opinion?

Thanks for the comments. :)