Beidzot tiku pie sen kārotā pulksteņa no ebay. Vēlējos tieši baltā krāsā. 
Finally, I received this watch from Ebay. I really like it.
Arī sen kārota lieta. Beidzot iegādājos H&M veikalā. :)
I wanted this thing for a while and finally I got it from H&M
 Man beidzās sejas krēms, tāpēc izlēmu pamēģināt kaut ko jaunu no Avon un lūpu balzams arī no Avon. Ļoti labi smaržo.
From Avon. I run out of my daily face cream so I wanted to try a new one. Lip balm is with very good smell and I really like it.
 Šīs sejas ampulas ir manas favorītes. Lietoju, kad ir kāds apsaldējums, apsārtums uz sejas. 
Great stuffs. Facial ampules with black caviar. I use them when I have blemishes on my face. It really works for me.
 Lētais variants, kas uz laiku kalpos man kā smaržas. :D Smaržo pēc citrusaugļiem, man patīk :)
Random perfume. Smells like lemon, I like that type of smell.
Vēlējos sev jaunu lūpu krāsu, jo visas jau manā kolekcijā esošās, bija gandrīz beigušās. Pirmais ,ko varu teikt,ļoti patīk lūpukrāsas tonis un konsistence. 
I wanted a new lipstick because my old ones were running out. So I decided to try this one. Firstly, I can say that I really like a shade and consistence of it.

What's your opinion?

  1. amazing watch! My fave <3

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  2. I've been thinking about that H&M hair tie too. I usually pull my hair back into a ponytail and it looks like it'd make it look more polished.

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  3. I have the Avon lipstick!

    I follow you! keep in touch

  4. i already bought a hair cuff too! can't wait to wear them!

    Pudding Monster

  5. What a beautiful watch!:)

    xx Laura

  6. Love the watch<3 Cute ideas! Now following you!

  7. El reloj es totalmente perfecto!
    Un beso!

  8. Such great pieces... my favorite would have to be that watch, its so fab and classy :)

  9. gorgeous watch!!
    i'm following you now, did you still want to follow each other? :)

  10. That watch is so pretty!


  11. nice watch!

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  12. great watch

  13. Ahhh that watch is crazy amazing!!!

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