All black.

Sveiki, visiem! Jāa, varu nopūsties un teikt, ka šī nedēļa gāž mani no kājām, bet labā nozīmē. Nesen atnācu mājās no  avīzes ,kurā darbojos, 3 gadu jubilejas (publicēšu arī bildes). Ja būs iespēja, iepostošu arī interviju televīzijai. Tik daudz ko gribas uzrakstīt,bet skrienu pildīt mājas darbus un gatavoties rītdienas koncertam ar sieviešu kori. Vēliet veiksmi. :)

Hello, everybody! Yees, I totally can say, that this week is super busy, but in good meaning. Few hours ago I went home from newspaper's were I take a part 3 years Anniversary ( later I will post a few photos). Also I was interviewed for local television, so if I get this video, I'll post it on my blog. I want to write sooo much but I can't. School homeworks are waiting for me and also I need to get ready for tomorrow's women's choir concert. So wish me good look. :)

(blouse,pants- 2nd hand, boots- Pēda)

What's your opinion?

  1. Congratulations for your interview. This outfit is very nice.


  2. uwielbiam stylizacje całe w czarnym kolorze :)

  3. This outfit is just great, I really like the blouse!


  4. Very nice pics. I like that outfit. Have a great friday.

  5. I like your blog :))

  6. really cool blog! great style! i love your top and the shoes! maybe you wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? (and maybe facebook?) if so, let me know! :) i always follow back! kisses!

  7. You look beautiful in all black, I really love the contrast of it with your blond hair! Pretty girl, pretty outfit! :)


Thanks for the comments. :)