Čau, visiem! Šajā "postā" vēlējos jums parādīt dažas lietas, kuras iegādājos janvārī'.

Hello, folks! In this post I wanted to show you few  my buys in January.
Kedas no sportsdirect. Noteikti būs mans "must have" vasaras sezonā.
Tennis shoes from sportsdirect. Definitely will be my must have in this Summer season.
 Zābaki no Pēdas. ļoti ērti. Atvainojos par to,ka zābakam ir mazliet netīrs papēdis. Valkāju nonstopā. :D
Booties from Pēda. Sorry, for dirty heel, I wear them nonstoply. :D
 Mazliet caurspīdīga blūze ar mazām kniedītēm ap apkakli. Pašlaik mana favorīte.
A little bit sheer blouse with studded collar. I love this blouse.

 Daži tiešām nepieciešami produkti no Oriflame
Few essentials from Oriflame
2 jostas no sportsdirect
Belts from

What's your opinion?

  1. I really like the blouse, especially the studded details.

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  2. I love those booties and the studded blouse! All so fun :)

  3. wow! your blog is so fashionable and I loved it!
    wanna follow each other?
    let me know!(:

  4. Great blog! Your posts are so interesting (:
    Have a superchic day!


  5. Lovely buys, I especially like your new sneakers and high heels! :)

  6. wow whan an amazing purposes. absolutely loving them
    hope youll like mi blog as i love your one.
    wish we could follow each other and, then, stay in touch.

    hope you the best, keep like this!


Thanks for the comments. :)