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Manu ceļa operāciju atcēla (neiedziļināšos detaļās), zpd ir gandrīz pabeigts un ziniet pagaidām viss iet kā pa sviestu (tfu,tfu). Vēl tuvā nākotnē man ir eksāmens un zpd prezentācija, bet tas mani īpaši nesatrauc. Beidzot man ir vairāk brīvā laika un tas nozīmē vairāk bloga postu! yey!! :)) Es jūtos atpūtusies, jo mans plānotājs nav pārbāzts ar visādiem darbiem. Varu mazliet uzelpot :D

Nesen biju iepirkties un iegādājos šo, manuprāt, burvīgo topu. Man tas tiiiik ļoti patīk :p Un Tev?

Hello, folks!
My operation cancelled (not going through the details), huge science work is almost done and you know, everything is going pretty good. I have exam and presentation coming but that's okay, I'm not worried.
I have more free time and that means more blog post. yey! :)) I just feel very relaxed because my planner isn't full with a lot of activities, I can breathe :p

So recently I went shopping and bought this gorgeous peplum style top. I really adore it. :) What do you think?

What's your opinion?

  1. Glad that you have more free time. You look absolutely beautiful! That floral top is so pretty.

  2. lovely necklace!

  3. This top is lovely.


  4. Lovely top!!Of course we can follow. I am following you now, please follow me back;-)

  5. Your floral top! Ah love it so much! You are so prefect with those top and jeans too!
    Im following you now :)) Hope you will follow back! Kisses <3

  6. cute top!! great floral print

  7. Beautiful top! Thanks for visiting my blog! Sure, we can follow each other! I follow you now :)

  8. that top is so pretty! great for spring x

  9. Thank you very much for your comment,
    Of course we can follow each other

    xx Inès

  10. I love your blog!
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  11. you are so pretty dear and your outfit is super cute!

    would you like to follow each other?

  12. Hi!! thanks for your comment!! Of course, I want to follow each other ^.^ Now I follow you, and I hope see you on my blog!

  13. Great post! You are so beautiful and whoooooh can I have your legs please? :p Love the peplum! And I hope everything will be allright with your operation? Don't know what's about but be strong!


  14. This is such a cute and sexy outfit! Love the combo of the top and necklace! Great jeans and high heels too!

  15. Tas topiņš nu tik smukiņš! Skaistas krāsas un raksts! :)

  16. Babe, I'm so in love with your style! You´re definitely an amazing blogger. All your looks are simply wild and perfect! love every piece of your clothes. You´re so sweet with the peplum top !

    ;) xoxo

  17. Great post :)
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    xx Sofie

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

  18. Nice... Kiss

  19. Love your blog, following you! Would love if you followed me back!


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