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 Čau, tā kā vasaras ir karstas, tad gribās ģērbties atbilstoši laikapstākļiem. Šoreiz tā arī darīju. Outfits sanāca diez gan vienkāršs un ērts. Perfekts pastaigai ap priežu mežu. :)
Īstenībā šorti ir pārcietuši mini DIY (mežģīņu apmales), vēlāk iepostošu darba gaitu. 

Hi, as you may now, in Summer the weather gets very hot, so I like to wear clothes suitable for the weather type. Outfit came very casual. Perfect for walk in pine forest. :)
Actually, I made lace details for shorts, I will post photos later.

tops/top- 2ndhand
shorti/shorts- no Maltas/ from Malta
sandales/shoes- ?
pulkstenis/watch- Ebay

What's your opinion?

  1. I love the shirt and the watch! Great outfit :)


  2. Lovely outfit. I like your pretty top.


  3. Pretty look! ;)

  4. Hi Anete, love this outfit!
    thanks for visting and commenting on my blog :D
    I'm following you now!


Thanks for the comments. :)