April favourties

  1. AVON "solutions" hydrating lotion- I love how it smells, and also I have combined skin so after I used it, my forehead wasn't shiny.
  2.  AVON "Advance technique's" gloss spray with Moroccan oil- Oh,my hair looks very shiny and healthy,it also smells good
  3. AVON naturals body spray -sugar&sweet plum-, Smells like Spring garden :D I received so many compliments that I smell very good
  4. AVON "Planet Spa" body lotion with goji berries- Again, smells amazing and also makes my skin very soft
  5. AVON "Planet Spa" lavender oil- sometimes my face gets dry, so I use this oil. Also smells very good.

  1. Rival de Loop cleansing wipes- OMG,this stuff smells like heaven, very tropical. So I use it after I run because my face is oily and dirty. 
  2. Chain necklace from Ebay. Great every day accessorise for casual looks :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Avon má najlepšie výrobky. Ved' o tom je aj náš článok :)

    1. I'm AVON consultant, that's why I have so many products :D I like their cosmetic :)

    2. Ja też jestem konsultantką AVON ;))
      Uwielbiam ten spray do włosów !


Thanks for the comments. :)