I took 4 weather types in one evening. First there was yellow light after the rain, than storm came, than  dark sunset, after- light sunset.
 Basically, you can see what I eat the most :D In the 2nd photo there is "Cold soup". A lot of tourists think that Latvians are weird because they eat this soup,it consists beets, kefir,sausage, spring onions etc. I loooove it.
 With teenagers organisations made huge event (paparazzi toke this photo :D), just my outfit

Teenagers organisation
 As you may notice, I finally got my driver's licence, I was sooooo happy :D
 With Liga, wearing similar looks :D
 With my classmates and my drawings.
 OOTD, with my boyfriend's cat and beautiful flowers
With my boyfriend- selfies addicted :D

What's your opinion?

  1. Beautiful photos! Love all of them! <3

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  2. Oh very beautiful pics dear~

  3. Great pictures and congrats on getting your drivers license!


  4. congratulations on passing your test! the food photos look so yummy!!xx

  5. Congratulations on passing your driving test! TY for all the great pictures (altho I don't know about that cold soup ...)!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks you for stopping my blog and follow you now ;).Do you like follow us?


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