Favorites (beauty)

AVON "Luxe" lip gloss- Mostly, I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses, because I hate when they are sticky (go out in the wind and all hair sticks to my lips :D ). This time I ignored my previous opinions of lip glosses and ordered this one. Overall, I like it, smells good, shade matches to my face very well, gives to lips lovely shiny. Only bad thing is that may get a little bit sticky.

Chanel "Chance"- This perfume is my favorite almost 2 years. Love it. So I bought a small size, perfect for carrying in my bag.

 AVON lipsticks- I love that they are 2in1 (lipstick and clear lip gloss around the lipstick). I own 3 shades:
P3 (pink one); P103 (brown&red); P401 (orange). My favorites is pink one. They are without smell (love it!!) and gives to my lips beautiful and natural shine.

Fruttini lotion and body spray-  smells so good, no,seriously,smells like heaven. :D Very tropical scent.


Recently, I use these products the most,so I decided that I want to share them with you. 

What's your opinion?

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  4. Ja, man tiesi tapat atgadijas sodien ar lipgloss. Pec seniem un ilgiem laikiem nolemu, ka jauzliek, izgaju ara un nespeju nocinities ar matiem salipusiem uz lupam. Noteikti ne prieks vejainam dienam, bet reizem jau var ;)

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