Won these Latvian designer made earrings. Very chic and stunning. Love them!
 Beauty products:

Face scrub ( read some god reviews on Latvian blogs)
Hair conditioner from AVON
Nose pore strips
Eye-makeup remover from Garnier
Face cream from AVON

Classic jacket originally from Lindex ( bought in 2nd hand) 
Nail file from AVON
Sketch book from Tiger

Simple T-shirts for everyday wear (2nd hand) 

Cute blazers, I'm so in love with them and I got the almost for free ( great bargain) They both cost me less than 1eiro !!!!!

Shoes (ASOS) bought in 2nd hand
Bracelet- Ebay
Socks- flea market
Banana bag (H&M)- won in giveaway)
Beige bag from AVON


These days I'm very busy because I'm moving to my dorm room, so these past days I pack my stuffs (they are too much :D ). That's why I post not very often but stay tuned for gorgeous photos which we took with my boyfriend...


What's your opinion?

  1. Lovely things! Those earrings are very pretty!

  2. AMAZING!!!!


  3. Wow, so many perfect new articles. xa

  4. Good buys :) Love the earrings :)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend girl
    isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

  5. Olalā, izskatās, ka esi nedaudz iepirkusies! :) Man arī derētu neliels šopinga maratons, jo esmu jau aizmirsusi cik forši ir dienas beigās aplūkot jaunās lietas!
    Man personīgi patīk vislabāk abi bleizerīši, it sevišķi tas tumšākajā krāsā- būs lieliski piemērots rudenim!


Thanks for the comments. :)