Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn't smiled back


I'm sitting on my floor and writing this post. Ohhh,it was sooo hot today. I wanted to sunbath but I couldn't stay in sun for more than 30 min, I was burning. It's so hot, yes, Summer is back. :D
I love Summer, I like warm weather but I'm more like an old people who can't resist hot weather. I feel so weak and I can get grumpy because I can't wear anything or do anything because it's so hot outside.
But let's talk about this look. It's very simple but I like it. To make this outfit more interesting I added statement bird necklace which I have for a while.


This post is scheduled,right now I'm in Daugavpils spending time with my friends.
Stay tuned for very exciting upcoming posts! With my sister we did a photoshoot in sunset, I can't wait to show the photos! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Love the necklace! You look amazing!


  2. Looks stunning!

  3. Agree on the title of your post!


  4. You look lovely, and I know how you feel with the weather and being too hot haha but then you love it and miss it when its gone tehe! :)

  5. Man vienmēŗ ir patikušas pumpainās kleitiņas - tāds foršs vintage stils! :)
    Es personīgi dievinu karstu laiku, ne pret ko to nemainītu! Vienīgais uzskatu, ka karstums atrodoties pilsētā ir diezgan nepanesams, tāpēc vienmēr pie pirmās izdevības dodos laukā pie dabas! :)

  6. Beautiful look! Your dress is Lovely xx

  7. Love your dress.


Thanks for the comments. :)