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With this post I wanted to show you 2 hair products which I received from online store called TOPBEAUTY . This is the 2nd post which I made including their products. You can see the 1st here
So in this time I received 2 lovely products,both from brand called TIGI.
I wanted to show you how I use them because surprisingly but I just adore both of the products. They are perfect for my hair! I will show you my simple hairstyles which I do very often when I'm running late.

I calm my hair with a tangle teezer. Oh,by the way,did you noticed that I died my hair even more lighter and also my hair stylist added a little bit of pink tone in my hair. I love the result! :)

To smooten my hair I use Tigi  Bed Head after party smoothing cream. (click)

I love the packaging of it, so girly
The smell is fruity, I really like it
Also it's very handy to use.
You can see this product here

I apply it to my hair and than I just take a small piece of my hair,twist it and than I pin it with 1-2 bobby pins. It's so simple but looks cute :)

For the next hairstyle I made a ponytail and to hide a hair tie I rapped around a small piece of my hair.

I have a lot of baby hair, sometimes they are so annoying so I was happy when I received this product-  Tigi bed head matte wax (click)

It smells as good as after party cream. Oh, I just adore that fruity scent!

I just use it like I show you in the photos, it works very well. Also the consistence isn't very sticky and my hair don't look greasy

Thanks to TOPBEAUTY they were so kind and sent it to me. Topbeauty is online store which sells cosmetic products.
I really recommend to check out this site,because they ship soo fast ( I received the package next day).
They also offer free shipping over 29 Euros.

Latviešu lasītaji,šī mājaslapa ir pieejama arī latviešu valodā! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I must get my hands on some of these products, your hair is in amazing condition x


  2. Love them! It looks really cool :)



  3. I want to try Tigi items, especially some Bad Hair)


  4. Ahh, Tigi noteikti ir mana mīļākā matu produktu firma! Esmu lietojusi Tigi šampūnus/kondicionierus un maskas, bet ne gluži vēl veidošans produktus! Noteikti vēlētos pamēģināt Tevis minētos produktus!
    Izskaties lieliski! :)


  5. Ahhh, kā Tev piestāv šie blondie (ar rozā toni) mati un taisni! Pati gribētu sev tādu toni kā tev :))

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
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