"Understand that the universe is giving you challenges to help you to become the greatest version of yourself." |Sammydress

backpack- Sammydress

earrings- Sammydress

brooches- Dreslilly

(backpack- Sammydress; earrings- Sammydress; coat- Mango; jumper- New look;jeans-H&M; shoes- Stradivarius; scarf- YSL; hat- Primark; brooches- Dreslilly)


Oh,jā,šajā postā ir diezgan daudz bilžu. Šis outfits man personīgi ļoti,ļoti patīk. Šis ir mans mīļākais stils,kurā varētu staigāt 24/7. 
Jau kādu laiku vēlējos iegādāties mugursomu,jo ikdienā es daudz pārvietojos ar kājām,pa ceļam paķeru kafiju un studējot dizainu esmu vienmēr nokrāvusies ar papīriem,krāsu kastēm un zīmuļu kaudzēm. Tā kā mugursoma noteikti atvieglo manu ikdienu. Saskaņoju to ar diezgan vienkāršu outfitu- miesas krāsas džemperīti un ziliem džinsiem.

Oh,yep,a lot of photos in this post. But what can I do, I just adore this outfit. This is my favorite style in the world. I could wear it 24/7.
For a while now I wanted to purchase a backpack. During the day I walk a lot by foot,sometimes I grab coffee and as an design student I need to carry a lot of stuffs with me- papers, pencil cases, paint boxes etc. So, backpack definitely will make my life much easier and more comfortable. This time  I paired it very casual pieces- blue jeans and tan color jumper.

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  1. You look fabulous:) Great jacket and backpack:)


  2. I like this look with the cute scarf!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Beauty :) love the bag


  4. Loving your outfit ♥
    I agree with you as my self a design student,
    backpack is a must for most of us ;D



Thanks for the comments. :)