Today I wanted to share with you my latest DIY project. It's very simple and tokes only about 5min .So basically, what you need is T-shirt and scissors. You just cut off the sleeves and collar.
I found this T-shirt on random 2nd hand shop. It costs me less than 1 Euro. The quote on this T-shirt is a  little bit weird but I still like it.
 I probably would pair this T-shirt with leather skirts (like in the photos) or skinny jeans and wear them with high heeled boots or just sneakers.
 Earrings are hand-made. I really like them.

What's your opinion?

  1. ir smuki. ar gaišiem skinny jeans un piemēram sakranām kediņām izskatītos pasakaini. :)

    ps. - tu iepērcies daugavpils humana latvia?

    1. Par tevis piedāvāto kombināciju esmu tikai par :)
      Nē, man arī savā pilsētā ir Humana Latvia.

    2. aa,tad viss skaidrs,jo man ļoti patīk tas veikals,var dabūt foršas klozītes par ļoti lētām naudiņām. :)

  2. awesome T-shirt.. :p
    I realy like it.. ;p

  3. I love the motto on the t-shirt. Just what you should do in life - not care of insignificant opinion. :P

  4. Very nice pics and you look there great. Have a nice day.

  5. relly great t-shirt! ;) and nice blog ;*

  6. Like it! :-)

  7. This is exactly what I do with band t-shirts! I can never find girl's shirts of my favourite bands, so I buy men#s shirts and make tank tops out of them ;)

    You look so pretty in the photos! I love the black and white effect!


Thanks for the comments. :)