Summer, please!


In this week I had my final English exam. I'm so happy that it is finally over. Now I can relax and breathe.:D
So today I made myself a new pair of shorts. I had a vintage par of guess jeans since I can remember myself :D. So I just cut the ends and add little distressed holes. I really love the result.

The weather in Latvia is so changeable. Now, in March we have snow like in Christmas time, it's annoying. So I couldn't wait for a chance to wear these shorts in warmer time.That's why I tried them on and made a little photo session.. What do you think?


Šīs nedēļas sākuma man bija angļu valodas eksāmens, esmu tik laimīga,ka tas viss ir beidzies. Tagad varu pusotru nedēļu atpūsties :D
Šodien izdomāju nogriezt savām vintage guess džinsām galus, tās man jau ir tik sen,cik sen es atceros sevi :D Manuprāt, sanāca labi! :)

Kā jau jūs pamanījāt Latvijā laiks ārā atgādina Ziemassvētku laiku, ehh, ienīstu sniegu..
Tā kā vēl kāds laiciņš jāpagaida,kad varēšu šos šortus nēsāt, vismaz izdomāju iemūžināt pāris bildes.
Kura tev patīk vislabāk?

What's your opinion?

  1. I've seen your post in blog list and it' s so bright! Love it!

  2. Weather is no better here xD U look lovely.

    Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  3. Such a fun and playful look. This is definitely transition time when winter don't want to give up, but soon Spring will come and you have lovely outfit for that.

    xoxo Ra

  4. Ļoti jauks vasarīgs komplektiņš, patīk krāsas!!:)

  5. Such cute pictures. I am dreaming of summer too! That colour looks great on you.


Thanks for the comments. :)