Casual outfit.

This look I wore when I went for a walk.  I really love this shirt with wolves. 

I noticed after looking at these photos, that I'm soooo pale. I look almost white :D Oh, I need to chill out in the sun to get more tan. 
Talking about sun, I just can't describe how  much I miss Summer. I love that feeling when you can wear just romper or shorts with shirt, no more layers and boots. I'm tired of piles with clothes. In Latvia recently we have windy weather, that means I need to wear shirt, cardigan, jacket, scarf, hat (my hair is long and gets very messy), boots and sometimes also gloves in April. That's insane. I want warm weather so badly :(

What's your opinion?

  1. Mums ari laikapstakli ir visai mainigi. Tas laikam ta visai tipiski pavasarami, kad ziema negrib vel atkapties bez cinas. Varbut parak spilgta saule bildejies un ta medz izdedzinat, izgaisomot loti. Bet visa visuma gandriz visi ir bali, nesauloti. Feins tas vilcins.

    xoxo Ra

  2. Love the top ♡

  3. Nice jacket.


Thanks for the comments. :)