DIY: customize your T-shirt

  1. Take your T-shirt and between the shirt put a paper ( you don't want to ruin your T-shirt)
  2. Draw a heart shape with a chalk
  3. Start to cut one side (be careful)
  4. Do the same with other side.
It's done. Just put your T-shirt into the washing machine and it's ready to be worn.

(sorry, I forgot to put the numbers on images)

  1. Take another  T-shirt  (muscle tee) to measure for a perfect fit.
  2. Than cut the sleeves off 
  3. Take a marker and mark a line on the collar's middle (in both sides)
  4. Than cut the collar off

  1. Online find an image with skull ( like this one below)
  2. Than draw it with pencil. It seems to be hard but it isn't
  3. Draw eyes like oval eggs, nose like a triangle and mouth like a slice of melon :D ( I know, sounds ridiculous)
  4. Than start to cut it, be careful. ( don't forget to put the paper between the shirt)
It's done, It took me less than 15 min. I really like the result.

LaurDIY (youtuber)


This is scheduled post, so,right now I'm in France. :)


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  1. Nice tutorial! You did a great job :)

    isa |

  2. Great!! I wanna try)))

  3. Great .... ....
    shall try this out soon .

  4. Great job :)

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  5. I think it looks absolutely fantastic. For sure going to give this a try.

  6. nice and easy..

  7. I'd nominate you for the "Liebster Award".
    xoxo. T.

  8. Aww I totally love this DIY, you're amazing! Way to go! :D
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know.

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