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Hello, lovely blog readers! :)

I wanted to introduce you with this website called bloggerprogram
Basically, this website collect and share all the blogger programs of the whole network,include fashion blogger programs and other blogger programs. 
This company is founded in 2013. year.

So, when you open this website you can choose were to click.

  1. Bloggers list - you can see bloggers from whole world. You can also make your own account and post your blog's url.
  2. Brand list - when you click right here, you can see all online stores which are interested in collaboration with blogger. They introduce their company and leave an email address where you can send information about yourself and your blog.
  3. About-us- you can read more details and facts about the company.

Service- If you have an online store, you can make your post recommended by bloggerprogram. 
Click on service to find out more information.

Partners- Click on and see bloggerprogram partners. You also can join as a partner.


I don't write just plain information about this site. I made a profile and contacted with companies. It really worked, I collaborated with online stores. I think it is a great opportunity to make your blog more popular, get new experience and to have fun ( reviewing things). And it is free, you just need to make your own profile. Maximum it will take 3min, Ok, for me it took more time because I couldn't chose my profile picture :D


What's your opinion?

  1. Hihi, that last sentence! Interesting post. I'm definitely considering making an account after reading this.
    Thanks for sharing.

    isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy


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