(skirt,top- H&M; hat- Humana; leather jacket- idk; shoes- Asos; bag- Primark;sunglasses- no brand;necklace- 2nd hand)


New week, new post from me. I really, really love this look. I had a lot of fun shooting these pictures. I'm happy about the result, I think they looks very good.
A lot of things happened in my life since last post. 
I worked all week-end. I was very exhausted but happy because I had loads of fun.
Finally, you can see how my shorter hair looks in photos. They also looks more healthier than before. I treat them with a lot of hair oils. 
I bought a new phone. I'm happy because I don't  anymore own very old Nokia ( I owned it because I broke my Samsung one). I bought not very popular but still cute model called Just5 Spacer 2. I'm very satisfied with it. Also I'm proud of myself because I bought it with my own money, I didn't asked it from my parents. :D
Finally, I felt how hard is to study in University (a lot of tests and homeworks) ugh...
For now, that's all, have a nice day :)


What's your opinion?

  1. I love this outfit, especialy hat and sunglasses!

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  3. The skirt is so cute! Love this look

  4. Such a cute skirt! You look wonderful!

  5. Such a cute and playful outfit! You look so pretty :)


  6. you have very beautiful hair. :)

  7. I am so glad I found your blog, it is very nice and I am surprised that such a beautiful girl, with a beautiful blog lives kind of near to my country! I live in Estonia. :) And you definetley should do a hair tutorial, beacuse you have got really beautiful hair!
    Also if you have time, can you check out my blog? .

  8. Great outfit!!


  9. Man pirmais gads universitate likas murgs. Nu, varbut, ka tas nebija gluzi ko es gribeju studet un +visas tas parmainas, bet ko es gribu teikt, tu esi malacitis, ka ta visu apvieno un centies, galvenais atceries neielaist studijas, jo darbs nav primarais un kad studiju darbi ielaisti, tad vienmer ir grutakt tikt gala. Lai veicas! Turies!
    Izskaties smuki B&W look.

    xoxo Ra

    1. Paldies,jā, studijas man ir pirmajā vietā tāpēc neko neatlieku uz vēlāku ja varu izdarīt uzreiz :)

  10. I love your glasses!! and your look is great!

  11. Love it!!


Thanks for the comments. :)