SEPTEMBER favorites!


It's 1st October. Time flies so fast, 1st September was just a week ago..I thought...
That means it's time for my monthly favorites. I hope you enjoy these posts because sometimes it is useful to know what people loved in this month. So let's start-

AVON perfume "Femme": strong, I just love that smell, I wish this perfume could stay longer.

AVON nailpolishes (from right side)
  • purely peach
  • swift sherbets
  • pastel pink
Oriflame "Giordani gold" foundation in shade beige- Adapts to my skin very well, looks very natural and aren't with caky effect.

Lip smacker "Coca-cola" chapstick- tastes like coca-cola,very smooth and gives natural shine. I'm so "lucky" because I somehow lost it :((( very sad.

AVON big darling mascara (black)- gives volume to eyelashes, I even stopped to use my Maybelline one, this,in my opinion, is better. In result you will get thick, voluminous eyelashes. On me, looks like I'm wearing fake one's


Faberlic shine&gloss conditioner- I just can't explain how good this product smells, even after I wash my hair they smell like this conditioner. Using this product my hair are more silky and shiny.

Dove purely pampering shower gel (pistachio cream&magnolia)- I read about this product in magazine that it will give my skin silky effect. It's true,after I used it, my skin looks more healthier than before. I definitely will get body lotion,too.

Chistaja linjija (I know, I'm bad at Russian :D) face scrub-oh, smells amazing (yes,smell is important for me), exfoliate my skin very well,great product.

Byphasse hair spray with keratin- yes,again, smells amazing and after using this my hair were less frizzier. Of course,silky and shiny,too.

Pure coconut hair serum-  I love this product, after using this for 1st time I felt that my hair are starting to look healthier. They stopped to look like haulm :D

Natural oil against split hair ends- made in Latvia, great product for pampering evenings. I treat my hair with this oil once a week.


rice\oat meals- so,delicious and healthy (with ecologic milk). Perfect quick meal for breakfast when I don't have a time to prepare smth. Also these meals can put into microwave but in my dorm room I don't have :(

fresh peppermint tea- I gathered peppermint leaves into my grandpa's garden- the smell is heavenly and tastes 1000000 times better than tea from market (for example, red tea's and white mug after using, is colored red :D )

watch\bracelet from Ebay- Wore them  together almost every day, yes, the watched are turning into silver one. But what can you expect from ebay and this one was very cheap. I love the design because it is in my favorites post.

make-up bag from AVON- adorable color,very handy to put all my daily make-up in in one place.



What's your opinion?

  1. Nice post, love the oriflame one :)

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  3. hi dear!! wonderful post!! im using AVON products too! all og them are great ! nice choices!
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  5. Cik interesanti tavi septembra atradumi. No avon nveselu muzibu neko neesmu lietojusi. Pipermetru lapinu teja ir pats labakais.

    xoxo Ra

  6. VEry nice picks!

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  7. Love this post. Very inspirational :)

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  8. Great post, the bracelet is beautiful.

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  10. Like shades of nail polishes. Anyway I love to read this kind of posts :)
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  11. Love the Avon nailpolishes !

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