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I wanted to share with you this online whole seller Apparel Candy .They sell clothes,shoes,accessories,cosmetics etc. This time I wanted to talk about their sunglasses and fragrances but they offer a lot of cool stuffs too.I chose my favourite ones and made collages. You can click on the numbers below to see descriptions and price.Also you can choose some late Christmas gifts for your family and friends.Definitely check out their sale sections to catch up their items for the best price! :)


 Aren't they all so adorable! Also the price is ridiciously low, I think I will definitely order some of them. My favorite pair is 4th because it's classy but with interesting details. Definitely recommend to see more of their wholesale glasses .
Glasses are great choice because you can wear them through all seasons. My collection is getting bigger every year because glasses are statement piece  in my wardrobe.

It's new for me that they also offer a lot of fragrances. They are with good prices too. If you are interested in more of wholesale fragrances, definitely check out their website. It's also a nice gift idea because who don't want to smell good? Haha :D They offer fragrances for men,too.
Check out their site to see not only fragrances and glasses but clothes,accessories and other great stuffs.
If you are new to Apparel Candy, make sure to try them out and get 15% off on entire order! How sweet is that? :)Also if you have any questions you can call them any time (877) 870-8686 or emailing Info@ApparelCandy.com. It's great because you can learn more about shipping and ask questions about items you like.Also they offer free shipping over 299$, yeah, it's a lot but they have such an amazing things and it's not hard to order over this amount.

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