Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa

 Sveiki, brīvdienas gandrīz ir galā un esmu atgriezusies civilizācijā. Biju laukos, satiku sen neredzētus radus un vienkārši jauki pavadīju laiku. Dažreiz pietrūkst sajūtas, kad daba ir tepat  blakām. Tagad nevaru sagaidīt vasaru,kad varēšu tur atgriezties uz vairākām dienām :)
Bet tagad par šo outfitu. Jo vairāk ārā spīd saulīte, jo vairāk man gribas uzvilkt kaut ko košu un krāsainu.Mazliet paspēlējos ar aksesuāriem, piespraužot šo brošu. :)

Hello, holidays are almost over and I'm back in civilization. I was at the country side, met my relatives which I didn't met for a while and just relaxed and spent fun time. Sometimes I miss that feeling when nature is near from you. Now I just can't wait when I can go back to the country side for  more days.
About this look. More the sun shines, more I want to wear smth bright and colorful. I  played around with accessories and added this brooch to complete my outfit.

What's your opinion?

  1. Pavasarīgi! Drosmīga brošas izvēle.

  2. You look so lovely in this outfit. Like the colour and style mix. Very nice.

    What do you think about my latest outfit post The Country Vibe? Please let me know :)

  3. just love the shirt :)

  4. Nice pics and I like your shirt, Have a great monday.

  5. That brooch is TOO cute! It's like a Carmen Miranda hat!

  6. this is such a fun outfit! love the checked blouse!
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Thanks for the comments. :)