Lazy Sunday

 back in Summer with my lovely cat Fricis (oh,he looks so fit in this photo :D)

 Waiting for the bus,gorgeous winter morning

drew a little bit for University,oh,I'm so glad that all the exams are over,I'm week of fro Uni,wiii,free time :)

Sunset in Daugavpils

Found this poor bird on the street, I don't know what was happened with him,but he looked dizzy. He was so beautiful,that I took a photo. I hope that he was fine...

Frici's paw, oh he's such a cutie pie :)

Fricis sleeping,yeah,from this post you can notice that I love my cats :D

I call this- lazy post-
It's Sunday, I don't have anything to post and I'm tired from working all week-end. Also yesterday I felt very ill, today I just want to relax.
Today I watched very good film called "I origins", I definitely would recommend to watch it, read more

What's your opinion?

  1. Tādu skatu dēļ agrie rīti reizēm atmaksājas :)


  2. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. And I am loving your hair. It looks fabulous!

  3. wow these are stunning photos! I really loved the winter morning picture!

  4. You draw really nice ^_^ and photo of the bird is magical <3


  5. great photos :)

  6. Ak vai, Tavs kaķītis ir dievīgs! Tāds mīļumiņš! <3

  7. Great photos ! I always love visiting on your blog.

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Thanks for the comments. :)