With my sister at New Year's eve,also it was my birthday\selfie

Hi,folks! :)

I just wanted to show you my daily life in photos. 
What I've been doing...well, I turned 19 on 31. December. I study all the time for exams,draw, work,spend time with my friends and family. It's winter time,so I eat a lot :D

  • breakfast meal\drawing\ selfie ( I cut my hair like this about 2 months ago,I loove the result)\Martini time

  • my favorite magazine- Veto\editing some photos\ University-drawing\pancakes 

  • Few months ago was at event called "Nessevi" (bring yourself),there was my photos and interview. you can read it here\ tea time at Japanese restaurant\ cake,yummy

  • selfie\ studying art history

  • smashed avocado breads\ selfie\ cake and reading magazine\ Christmas tree (I miss Christmas time :(...)

  • Was at carnival themed Christmas ball with my friend Liga,we had loads of fun,crazy night\selfie

  • Got these headphones as a Christmas gift, listening to music every day,gorgeous quality!\drew a lion\ early morning and Minka\ Christmas eve ootd

  • foooooood\ draw some sketches-abstract painting

  • went for a walk near to the castle\ working for University

  • selfie ( It was rainy day and my hair was completely wet)\selfie\ sister got me this book where I need to challenge myself and do a lot of creative stuffs,for example,  draw smth when I'm in shaky train or bus etc.

What's your opinion?

  1. Great photos dear!

    Pearls & Roses

  2. Lauvas zīmējums fantastisks! :)

  3. Wonderful pics and compliments for the interview!

    My last post: Lucky red

    Shopping Girls

  4. Cool pics x

  5. What a nice day to celebrate birthday =). I wish you all the best!!!
    Michael / facebook

  6. Amazing pics and I can see that your sister is your sister :D
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  7. You look great Dear!!:)
    Of course I follow You on GFC and I hope You follow back:)

  8. Beautiful sisters.

    Thanks for the suggestion Hun, of course we can totally keep up with each other's updates. Let me know once you are following on gfc , twitter and I will fllw right back.
    Have a nice day!
    Riv x

  9. Amazing photos, happy 19th b-day to you :)

  10. Tavi darbi ir super! Nemaz nezināju, ka nodarbojies ar mākslu :) Un melnbaltais selfijs piektajā bildē - merilina monro!

  11. Hey sweety! I've followed you with GFC hope you'll follow back <3


Thanks for the comments. :)