What's in my bag? 2015.


I always really enjoy to watch on Youtube and read blogpost where people show what they buy (hauls;new in) and when they show what's in their bags. So,in this time I decided to show you what's in my bag. Of course I don't want to brag with anything, I just think it's very interesting to see what woman carry in hers bag. :)

I got this bag as a birthday present from my mum. She knew that I'm searching big bag for all my stuffs. I like to carry with me a lot of junks (of course I didn't snow you them in this post :D)

I love this bag,it's black,neutral,looks good with everything and also I really like the snake print.

If it's necessary I can make it even more bigger.

So what's inside the bag:

I carry with me glasses, planner,sticky notes ( I love to create to-do lists or write random ideas on them), pencil case.

I have some beauty products,too.

  • Eos lip balm
  • Oriflame lip balm (yes,unfortunately a little bit damaged but still great product for daily use)
  • Rimmel lipstick  in shade 33

  • AVON cream foundation
  • Vitamins (magnesium)
  • Nail file
and some perfume,It is important for me to smell good. At the moment my favorite one is Mexx for woman,they're strong but I really like the scent.

I always love to listen to music,so I have my headphones.Also my phone (obviously) :D
And flash memory.

 Of course, I carry with me my wallet, some hair elastics and pen.
What's interesting in my wallet...I have some business cards with my favorite artist,sometimes I just look at them and I'm inspired to draw something etc. and also I have tickets from flights with a plane. I had soo much unforgettable memories from the trips and I decided to keep the tickets as touchable. memories.

I hope you liked the post. Tell me your essentials that you keep in your bag! :)


What's your opinion?

  1. :) My phone is my essential, for working ;)
    Today new post, Necklace in Caribbean
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  2. I always love posts like this! Thanks for letting us look inside your bag :)

  3. Nice post! And nice things you carry in your bag :)

  4. LOVE the planner!! *-*

  5. seeing what people carry in their bag is really interesting for me. ahaha. is that creepy?

  6. Of course honey, I'm now following you as catia.alexandrafr, please kindly follow back x



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